The Committee for Student Athlete Well-Being (SAWB) was established in Fall of 2010 by Dr. Alan Hauser, Chairperson of the Athletics Council and Dr. Jamie Moul was appointed to Chair the Committee. Thus, the SAWB exists as a sub-committee of the Athletics Council for the purpose of identifying and addressing the various needs of student athletes. Simultaneously, a working SAWB Committee will ensure that the NCAA Athletics Certification processes are addressed as they relate to the overall well-being of student athletes.


The SAWB Committee will support the Appalachian State University intercollegiate athletics program in a manner designed to protect and enhance the physical and educational well-being of student athletes. Consistent with this fundamental principle, the institution through the Student-Athlete Well-Being Committee shall:

  • Provide evidence that the well-being of student-athletes and the fairness of their treatment is monitored, evaluated and addressed on a continuing basis.
  • Have established grievance or appeal procedures available to student-athletes in appropriate areas.
  • Provide evidence that the institution has in place programs that protect the health of and provide a safe environment for each of its student-athletes.

Resources for Student Athletes

Football_ImageThe Committee for Student Athlete Well-Being (SAWB) combined with the Gender Equity and Academic Enhancement Committees to develop an annual survey that asks student athletes about their experiences while at Appalachian State University. The goal for the SAWB Committee is to make sure student athlete well-being in general is characterized toward excellence. This resource page is one of the developments that has come from the results of the survey. The SAWB Committee hopes to provide information for our student athletes and let them know that the survey results are acknowledged and acted upon.

For the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Academic Year, our top areas of focus will be 1) Exploring the Coaches role(s) in the context of Student Athlete well-being, and 2) Assessing the impact of extended travel requirements on the well-being of student athletes since moving to the SunBelt Conference.  We welcome your feedback as this resource site grows to accommodate the various needs of our student athletes here at Appalachian.